Equity, Learning, and Networking Committee

Learning Communities

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  • “All early childhood educators have a professional obligation to advance equity.”
  • (An excerpt from NAEYC’s position statement on Advancing Equity in Early Childhood Education)
  • ELNC Mission:
  • The Equity, Learning, & Networking Committee’s mission is to support the early childhood community in the effort to create systems that facilitate equitable outcomes for children as “engaged learners and valued members of society,” NAEYC Position Statement.
  • ELNC Aim:
  • The Equity, Learning, & Networking Committee aim is to foster community relationships by creating opportunities for conversations, education, and connections for all who care for young children as we collaborate to achieve our mission.

  • ELNC methods include:
  • Data collection, Workshops, Lectures, Recreational events, Book clubs, Trainings, and whatever else proves to be important to our community.
  • The Austin Chapter of TXAEYC wants everyone’s story and expertise to be part of our direction so please join us, anyone and everyone including:
  • Parents, child development students, teachers, administrators, support staff & assistants, intervention specialists, professors, kitchen workers, janitorial staff, public schools, private schools, preschools, and child development centers.
  • If you care for the lives of young children, then there is a place for you in this committee work!

              How to get involved:

              • Join us for Austin Chapter meetings!
              • Contact chairs with ideas, information, or concerns for your community.
              • Propose ideas for events and content areas you would like to see addressed.
              • Share or identify locations available for events.

              There are also tons of opportunities for leadership! Please read the following if you are interested in providing leadership for a current learning community or have an idea for a new one.

              Please feel free to contact the chairs of the committee directly to express any interest in any level of involvement.

              Jenni Billingsly or Chinwe Onwujuba